Oof ouch owie my thumb

by nashir on 2021-01-17

Start: right foot far on kicker; left foot on kicker horizontally between hands; left hand top hold on bottom ply; right hand bottom right hold on bottom ply. End matching high right hold. Wall angle ~13 degrees.

Nigel Uno

by nashir on 2021-01-17

Our first route on the new climbing wall! Sit start, Left and right hand on bottom two holds with right foot far out, left foot smearing. End matching high left. Wall angle ~13 degrees.

Momma, I left the barn door open

by nashir on 2021-01-18

left and right foot kicker, left hand jug next to crimp, right hand hold above left hand. wall angle 13"

Cramped ain't easy

by nashir on 2021-01-18

Bottom right two pink are left/right hand start, feet on kicker. Ladder to the top using bottom orange as only a foot hold.

Don't look down

by nashir on 2021-01-18

Bottom two holds are for feet, start left right on holds in 3rd and 4th row. Feet on kicker. End matching high right. Wall angle 13 degrees

Crimpasaurus rex

by nashir on 2021-01-18

Start feet kicker, left hand light pink pinch, right hand blue pinch. Use only one of rightmost yellow and blue - dyne from this hold to brown jug.

Reach for the stars

by nashir on 2021-01-18

Start matching hands on left jug, feet on kicker. End matching high left. Wall angle 13ยบ

Got milk?

by nashir on 2021-01-20

Start with feet kicker and left right on bottom two end match high

Tall man moves

by nashir on 2021-01-20

start right hand on jug, left foot on bottom hold, bump left hand to hold over right hand start, toe hook on far gray right. end matching high

Hug of death

by nashir on 2021-01-20

Start bottom two pink holds, use only right side of yellow hold, match pink top finish

Flat earther

by nashir on 2021-01-22

start on left and right punches, feet on kicker. end matching high left

Hand on the doorknob

by nashir on 2021-01-20

start on left side of wall, left hand on knob, right hand on jug, right foot red, left foot kicker

Ayayjay the florida man

by nashir on 2021-01-24

start low end matching high

Criss cross applesauce

by nashir on 2021-01-24

first hold is foot only, start left hand light pink, right hand far purple. end matching high

Where do I put my hands

by nashir on 2021-01-29

start matching on jug, end matching high

Easy for Nashir

by nashir on 2021-02-05

red foot only, start left on doorknob right on middle jug


by nashir on 2021-02-09


by nashir on 2021-02-09


by nashir on 2021-02-11

start jugs on middle and do double dyno

tag team 1

by nashir on 2021-03-09

middle jug is foot only

tag team 2

by nashir on 2021-03-09

start matching on low jug

prob 2

by nashir on 2021-03-30

prob 3

by nashir on 2021-03-30